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    I currently have an Access database, an ASP file and a WML file.<BR>The ASP code is pulling data from the database and I am trying to show this data on a mobile device.All the code seems to be ok, except that the data is in HTML format and I think that I need to have this in WML format (if this is possible).I would be grateful for any help.<BR>Cormac.<BR>

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    Yes - you&#039;re right. HTML is too heavy for handheld devices, so to get the info on a mobile you will need to have the ASP generate WML.<BR><BR>You may find XML useful in this situation, because you could generate the info in XML on each page request, and then decide whether to add a stlye sheet to serve up either HTML or WML depending on what requested it - i.e. send HTML to a browser, WML to a phone. There are some good tutorial on 4guys and links for this type of thing.

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