objRS is always empty......

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    Default objRS is always empty......

    Dim objRS <BR>Set objRS=objConn.Execute("SELECT * FROM Login WHERE Username = &#039;"&request.form("username")&"&#039;")<BR>I f Not objRS.eof Then<BR> response.write("Your user name is correct!")<BR>Else<BR> response.write("Sorry the user name does not exist!")<BR>End if <BR>

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    Tip:<BR><BR>Response.Write the strSQL before executing it. Then copy it and paste it into your database and execute it there. Most likely you will find that the SQL statement is returning no records, which explains the empty recordset.<BR><BR>Play around with the SQL statement until you get the desired result directly in your database, then drop the corrected SQL back into your ASP page.

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