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    Jones O' Reilly Guest

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    Hello again,<BR><BR>Yeah, dll&#039;s would be good, but due to factors such as hosting problems this isn&#039;t viable. Aside from dlls, what size?<BR><BR>Also, when using dll&#039;s is it better to use an IIS application or just plain vb dlls, or does ASP+ take over from all this?<BR><BR>By the way, what&#039;s the stroy with this site? The same guys always answer, I guess you must be a guy from rolla!<BR>

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default opinion, mainly

    Please keep your messages within the thread, instead of starting new threads. ;-)<BR><BR>As for size, you should strive to keep your scripts as small as you can. Now, that is not a very specific answer to your question, I know. So here is some more info based on my experience. A limit of about 40K of actual script (not comments) is about as big as I like to go. Why? Well, although there is no hard size limit for a script (at least not that I know of), I HAVE seen larger script cause VERY unusual operation. My guess is that the interpreter is running out of symbol space, or the process is running out of string space, but you do NOT want to see what happens when you get close to that limit! And keep in mind that your scripts are parsed and p-coded and then they are in the cache (until the cache is full or a FIFO timeout occurs), so parsing time itself is not really the issue.

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    nah I&#039;m not clever enough to work for 4 guys.<BR><BR>I just happened to be at work with nothing to do and there are only so many tutorials you can do before getting completely bored. At least this is more intersting, and it is funny how common the problems are. 75% of postings seem to be variations on common problems. It&#039;s also intersting to see how other people&#039;s answers compare to mine.<BR><BR>Maybe I should just get out more....... :-)

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