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    I am using windows media player to stream a presentsation. Does anyone know how I can check if a user has it before i start so i can redirect them to another page if they don't have it?

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    Maybe IE (not Netscape) will see it as an Active X control via vbscript, much the same as how you can detect if a client (IE) has Flash installed. If an object is valid, they have Windows media, else they dont. You can probably use jscript on netscape to detect the Plug-ins array and see if it exists there.<BR><BR>Good Luck ! However, even if you send a media file down, and set the mime type, browsers will make a fuss as to whether or not the system has the player, and enable the user to download it. I think this may be easier to do !<BR><BR>IQ

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    Go to, type in &#039;detect windows media player&#039; and see what results you get.<BR><BR>I did it last night for QuickTime and recently for Flash.

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