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    Anna Powell Guest

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    This may be of interest to those with ASP experience looking to move into Telecommunications.<BR><BR><BR>An experienced product manager is required to link technical teams with sales teams. The candidate will have a good understanding of market requirements and will have a background in web development and abilities in business analysis. Communicating with Sales, Business Development, Prospective Clients, Analysts and the Press will be a vital part of the role. The candidate will also have a good understanding of of enterprise software technologies.<BR>MBA preferred.<BR><BR>Please e-mail me at: anna@dpassoc.com<BR><BR>or phone me on: 01244 403 930

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    Lokanath Guest

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    HI Anna,<BR> Your offer sounds good to me as per your requirement i have Around Four yrs exp in Vb ASP application and prior to that TWO Yrs of Sales Exp. I am sending my Resume for the same as a Copy/Paste. Contact me for further information.<BR><BR><BR>Lokanath<BR>Lok_subudhi@ya hoo.com<BR>248-827-3735<BR><BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>LOKANATH SUBUDHI<BR>Lok_subudhi@yahoo.com<BR><BR><BR>SUMMAR Y<BR><BR>Strong in Business application Development software with a total experience of four years on VB, ASP, VB Script, HTML, DHTML,XML,XSL, COM, DCOM, IIS, MTS, SQL Server, C++, ActiveX controls and MS-Access. Experience in designing and developing Components using Visual Basic. Prior Experience of two years in the area of marketing hardwares related to computers and IT Solutions. Possess good analytical skills with ability to follow project standards and procedures as per the client specifications. <BR><BR>· Quick learner, highly motivated, result oriented and enthusiastic team player.<BR>· Strong programming and debugging skills.<BR>· Ability to work effectively in a fast paced environment<BR>· Very good Communication Skills and Ability to work effectively in a team.<BR><BR><BR>EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND<BR><BR>Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (1998)<BR>Diploma in Hardware Technology (1996)<BR>Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication (1994)<BR><BR>SKILLS<BR> <BR>LANGUAGES: BASIC, C++, and VB 5.0 / 6.0.<BR>OPERATING SYSTEM: WINDOWS NT , MS-DOS and WIN 2000<BR>DATABASE: SQL 6.5 / 7.0 and MS-Access<BR>WEB-DESIGN TOOLS: IIS, ASP, HTML, VBScript, Visual Interdev, ActiveX. XML and XSL<BR>COMPONENT DESIGN: COM component using VB<BR>MIDDLE TIER: MTS<BR>HARDWARE: PC-486, PENTIUM<BR><BR>EXPERIENCE<BR><BR>Software Developer<BR>DELL, ROUND ROCK OCT 2000 - Till date<BR>Symphony<BR>It’s an intranet-based three-tier project aided in the development of a new web-based order entry system for Dell’s Home and Small Business sales representatives. This project will provide Offline Sales Reps with a web-based tool that enhances the selling process when compared with DOMS (Dell’s legacy Tandem-based sales system). In addition to being simple and intuitive, Symphony provides an enhanced configurator that will aid Sales Reps in up selling and closing sales. <BR><BR>I am responsible for creating user interface that allowed sales representatives to modify customer computer configurations and view historical customer quote information. This new interface also gives the sales representatives the ability to dynamically update the system price based on configuration changes, providing option-level margin values to assist the sales rep in driving up the profitability, providing system build time per system, Identification of system compatibility errors for both new configurations and existing DOMS quotes etc. Microsoft NT 4.0 Server, Internet Information Server, and Site Server Commerce Edition, SQL 2000 were all used in the construction of the application..<BR>Responsibilities:<BR><BR>· Developed the interfaces using XML, XSL.<BR>· Used VBScript, and JavaScript for input validation and calculation like lead-time, price and margin etc.<BR>· Designed and developed the screens<BR>· Incorporate business logic.<BR>· Developed the ASP page, which transform XML to XSL in server side. <BR>· Used DHTML, CSS extensively in making the Interface page Dynamic..<BR><BR>Environment: ASP, VB Script, HTML, IIS, MTS, VB 6.0, COM / DCOM, SQL Server, Windows NT, XML, XSL, Java script.<BR><BR>Software Engineer<BR>www.zenonnet.com Aug 2000-Oct 2000<BR> This is the official website of Zenonnet Soluitons, a software consulting firm. Updated their website from simple static HTML pages to more interactive dynamic pages using ASP, VB Script, Java script, used SQL server as backend database and ADO for making connection to database.<BR>Responsibilities:<BR><BR>· Developed the site using ASP server-side scripting. .<BR>· Used VBScript, and JavaScript for input validation and ADO for database connection.<BR>· Online updating of the database-using ASP.<BR>· Designed and developed the screens<BR>Environment: ASP, VB Script, HTML, SQL Server, Windows NT.<BR><BR><BR>Software Engineer<BR><BR>EXECUTIVE SHIPPING CORPORATION Inc July 2000 - Nov 99<BR>SHIPPING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM <BR><BR>This project is for total on-line Automation of Shipping Company. It automates the operations of crew recruitment division, performance tracking division & the accounts division of the shipping company which has its recruitment center at various cities to recruit for its vessel and has agent located on every port to look after the sign-in and sign-off details of the crew.<BR> This project has four modules, Crew management, financial management and vessel management and base business rule. It has a multi-tiered architecture using component object model (com) objects managed by Microsoft transaction server (mts) in the middle tier. All transaction and data entry his done thru web pages (asp pages) and data is stored in SQL server through IIS.<BR>Responsibilities<BR><BR>· Extensively involved with client interaction<BR>· Participated in Analysis.<BR>· Designed the front-end for user interaction using HTML and ASP <BR>· Provided different links for the user&#039;s to navigate through the site with hyperlinks.<BR>· VB Script and Java Script is used as Scripting language in ASP in-order to validate user input from Web pages.<BR>· Used MS SQL Server to design and create the database tables.<BR>· Used Visual Basic for development of COM components.<BR>· Used MTS to integrate the Database and also the transaction for effective output.<BR>· Windows NT was used as the Operating System in this project on the IIS 4.0 Server.<BR><BR>Environment: ASP, VBScript, HTML, IIS, MTS, VB 6.0, COM / DCOM, SQL Server, and Windows NT.<BR><BR>Programmer<BR>CITIBANK, INDIA Jan 99 - Oct 99<BR>TIME REPORTING SYSTEM (TRS)<BR>TRS is the Time Reporting System used within Citibank to track the time spent on various activities by the employees. Every Employee can login to the system using his logon ID and password. The system is Intranet-Based and gives an option to fill the project hours and the non-project hours. The non-project hours can be filled in advance, while the project hours cannot be.<BR>Responsibilities:<BR><BR>· Developed interface screens using HTML.<BR>· Used ADO for database connectivity<BR>· Used ASP programs for designing the user interactive pages.<BR>· Client side validation done in java script, VBscript.<BR>· Documentation of all programs<BR>Environment: ASP, VBScript, HTML, IIS, MTS, VB, COM, SQL Server, and WIN NT <BR><BR>Programmer/Analyst<BR>EdNET Global Consulting (p) Ltd. Feb 96 - Dec 98<BR>Projects:<BR><BR>www.indiSHOP.com<BR>IndiSHO P is an E-commerce application involving shopping online on the Internet. The web site is www.indishop.com a visitor can come to the site & visit various departments in the site choosing items he likes. At the end of his shopping he goes to the checkout section where he chooses to pay either by Cash/Credit Card.<BR>Responsibilities:<BR><BR>· Responsible in developing the site using ASP server-side scripting. <BR>· Designing a catalog with more search methods and technical data for products<BR>· Involved in the database design for the various departments. <BR>· Developed a facility to automatically recognize users who had previously connected <BR> to the site using cookies, and store the user profile data into a SQL database.<BR>· Online updating of the database-using ASP.<BR>Environment: ASP, VBScript, HTML, IIS, MTS, VB, Visual InterDev, SQL Server, and Windows NT.<BR><BR>www.asia-hotels.com<BR>Paragon Publishing Ltd. is one of the major publishing companies in the UK. The web site is www.asia-hotels.com. This site maintains a database of over 6,500 hotels and resorts throughout Asia. They are gradually making the content of this database available on the Internet to select and book hotels. <BR>This site provides the following features:<BR>· Country-wide Hotels guide including facilities and price list.<BR>· Online Booking - Cancellation - Confirmation.<BR>· E-mail service<BR>· Quick search on Price - Hotel Chain - Region - Hotel Name<BR><BR>Responsibilities<BR><BR>· Involved in the initial study of the project, which contains functional and detailed design of the system.<BR>· Used JavaScript and VBScript for input validation.<BR>· Involved in identification and formation of various process and corresponding tables, writing programs & Error Handling Routines.<BR>· Designed and developed various forms using ADO controls to suite the requirements of the client.<BR>· Created Search helps for Product type Search, Alphabetical search.<BR>· Configuration and management of cookies for capturing client information<BR>· Coding the server side programs<BR>· Documentation of all programs Involved in the initial study of the project, which contains functional and detailed design of the system.<BR><BR>Environment: ASP, VBScript, HTML, IIS, VB, COM,SQL Server, and Windows NT<BR><BR>MT ADMINISTRATOR <BR>It is developed to use by Medical Transcription Company to give them on line information about the on going work at their organization, it includes downloading files from net, allocating them among the transcriptionists, checking their progress at instant of time, keeping track of status of the work, and finally calculating the number of lines typed by transcriptionists at the end of day through which it will tell the amount can be collected from the MT provider, under networking environment. <BR>Responsibilities<BR>· Involved in Analysis and design<BR>· Coding <BR>· Unit and Integration Testing<BR><BR>Environment: ASP, VB, SQL Server, and Windows NT<BR><BR>SALES MONITORING SYSTEM.<BR>This project is especially meant for billing various bills. It creates a bill with the customer code & the details like rate, quantity & amount of each customer, delivery challan, is a challan that contains of all the products that is being delivered & the particulars of customer too. Worker’s Account is some thing like a report about all the workers, which contains all the payment details; Leave register, Advance details, Performance Details & etc. It gives the analysis-wise report per month & annum i.e., the growth & falls in the business & too prognosticates the forthcoming years income on the basis of previous data in the database. It provides various way of searching data for easing the complexity of end user. It too provides a better way of visualizing your data according to bill no, delivery challan no. & employee code no.<BR>Responsibilities: Analysis, designing of various screens, coding and testing.<BR>Environment: VB, SQL Server, and Windows NT<BR><BR><BR>AUTOMATION OF MEDICAL AGENCY<BR>Analyzed and developed a front office information system with reference to hospital management system for a 150 beds super specialty hospital. This software maintains the status of patients in a hospital including issues, admissions and discharges. It also generates reports containing information about billing, registration, medicines, stocks and record level etc.<BR><BR>Responsibilities: Analysis, designing of various screens, coding and testing.<BR>Environment: VB, MS Access, and Windows 95<BR><BR>PAYROLL INFORMATION SYSTEM<BR>This project provides with all most all features required for a pay roll systems. The features include in the project are maintenance of the complete databases of permanent employees and casual workers. It also maintains details like loans, allowances, leaves and other details like HRA, CCA, LIC, and PF of the employees for the final calculation of the salary statements. It provides with updating facilities for the details stored in the database and maintains security levels for modifying the data. It also generates the pay slips of the employees <BR><BR>Responsibilities: Development, Coding and Implementation of the software.<BR><BR>Environment: VB, MS Access, and Windows 95<BR><BR><BR>Reference: Available upon request.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Anna Powell Guest

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    Hi Lokanath<BR><BR>Thanks for your response to the advert. I hope to be in touch shortly. My contact details are in an e-mail that I have sent to your private e-mail address.<BR><BR>Thanks again,<BR><BR>Anna Powell

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