`m using a javaobject in an ASP-page to establish a<BR> CORBA-connection to a<BR> forreign computer. The java-code works allright by itself<BR>(kawa, jbuilder<BR> etc.), but when it is used inside an ASP it gives the<BR> following errorcode<BR> :<BR><BR> Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a0046&#039;<BR><BR> Permission denied: &#039;GetObject&#039;<BR><BR> The ASP-server is an Apache 1.3.12, with Chillisoft asp-&#039;plugin&#039;. The java-classes are placed inside the c:Winntjava hrustlib as required.<BR><BR><BR> when the corba-lines in the javaclass is excluded, the asp<BR> works fine, so<BR> the problem must be located where the initializing of the<BR> Corba connection<BR> starts..... please help, I really need some sleep at night!<BR> thanks! Michael Kristensen on_the_darkside@hotmail.com<BR>