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    hello all<BR><BR>i&#039;m developing a website (using asp) and using ms-sql as my database backend.<BR><BR>my offline testing is over, and i&#039;m ready to upload the site on the web.<BR><BR>but there is one problem that i&#039;m facing. <BR><BR>i&#039;ve been provided with a dsn created by my isp with username & password.<BR><BR>how do i transer my trable (10 in number) which have a total of about 1 lakh records from my local sql <BR><BR>server to my online web server.<BR><BR>hey guys, this is really urgent. please be very descriptive in the comments and do write in a script <BR><BR>if at all it is necessary as i&#039;m pretty new to ms-sql<BR><BR>the following info is provided by my isp :-<BR><BR>IP address<BR>DSN name<BR>Database name<BR>User name<BR>Password

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    Hi,<BR><BR>This is pretty easy.<BR><BR>Here you go....<BR><BR>Firstly install SQL server on your local machine. In case it runs windows 98 you can install the sql server client components.<BR><BR>Once this is done, establish an internet connection so that you are ready to connect to the remote database.<BR><BR>In the start menu select the &#039;Data Transformation Services&#039; on the sql server menus.<BR><BR>Once the data transformation wizard starts, select your local Access database as the Source.<BR><BR>In the next step select the remote database as the destination. Here you will need the ip of the server and the username and password to log on to the remote database.<BR><BR>Then just select the tables and other objects to be transferred.<BR><BR>That&#039;s all...the rest is self explanatory.<BR><BR>All the best.<BR><BR>Nilesh Deshpande<BR><BR>for a taste of my work vist the following sites...<BR><BR><BR> m

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