Creation of Virtual Directory using VBScript (ASP)

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Thread: Creation of Virtual Directory using VBScript (ASP)

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    how to create a virtual directory in asp, either using javascript or vbscript.<BR><BR><BR>thanx in advance

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Your question is too short and lacks in all the necessary details making it difficult to answer it in entireity. However here is a quick run through the tools that you can use.<BR><BR>To create a directory on the server, you can use the filesystemobject, its methods and properties.<BR><BR>In case the newly created directory is below (within) a folder which is already a virtual directory, the newly created directory automatically becomes a virtual directory. So in that case you have to do nothing more than creating a directory.<BR><BR>However, if the newly created directory lies outside any of the virtual directories or directories marked as web folders, then you will have to have adsi installed on your server.<BR><BR>Then you can use the IIS object of ADSi to map the newly created physical directory as a virtual directory. For this however, you have to enjoy requisite permissions on the server and the physical disks.<BR><BR>All the best.<BR><BR>Nilesh Deshpande<BR>Have a look at my work at<BR><BR>

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