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    What do I do to send email messages with ASP that have thoudands of recipients? I know I could use a mail server but only certain members in my database receive mail at certain times. In other words I may email 4,000 today and the the other 10,000 tomorrow.<BR><BR>What would be a good mangement practice? Will I be restricted in the amount of emails I can send from a host?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Ben

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    How about sending 500 every 15 min??

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    Different hosts will have different restrictions on your email usage, mine just adds it to the bandwidth charge. A good mailer<BR>component will queue the messages and send them a few at a time.<BR>Then all the messages are written to the harddrive and sent as the processor can send them.<BR><BR>If you need to break up the amount of emails sent, you could create a temporary table with the email address and a field to determine whether or not you&#039;ve sent the email yet, then use that<BR>table to get the email addresses and update it accordingly.<BR><BR>Dray

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