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    Does anyone know how to make a messagebox pop up for a user to selct yes or no on the clientside in vbscript. I used to msgbox function built in and it doesn't do anything, anyone have any ideas?????????????????

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    i am not sure but i think you can specify vbYesNo in that<BR><BR>if you wnat to do that in JS then you can use Confirm

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    Depends on what you&#039;re trying to do. The msgbox command doens&#039;t work in ASP because the execution is SERVER SIDE, which is bad. <BR><BR>It really depends on what you&#039;re trying to achieve, I mean, you can get ASP to write a hidden form variable, which you can read via Javascript with an OnLoad event if need be.. again, depending on what you&#039;re actually trying to achieve.<BR><BR>Emil.<BR>

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