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    Once I start my computer and has the PWS running the HTTP service, I can run ASP on my PWS. but I can run only 1-2 asp pages b4 the PWS stop responding. the HTTP service stops running and even though i continue to press the start/stop buttons, it doesn&#039t restart. I can only solve this by rebooting my Win95. Why does ASP resetting my PWS and cause it to stop? What can I do to prevent this from happening. Thanx in advance!

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    Chris ( Guest

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    Not much help - but I&#039ve had so much trouble with PWS on Win95 that just today I&#039ve re-built my PC with Win98, installed PWS and, hey, presto.... same problems that you described! (After formatting C: and doing complete re-build of only basic apps).<BR><BR>I&#039m now at a loss with it and looking for either answers or for an alternative ASP-supporting personal web-server that will run on Win 98.<BR><BR>HELP US!!! (E-mail

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    I can&#039t help you out either but thought I&#039d throw in my tale of PWS woe in the hope of generating some more interest in this thread. <BR><BR>Basically, I installed PWS on Win95 and used it for months to process ASP and CGI scripts. Then one day when I booted up, PWS was stopped (error icon in tray) and even though the Start button is enabled, it won&#039t do anything. Now everytime I boot up, PWS ain&#039t running.<BR><BR><BR>Oliver

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    Daniel Root Guest

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    I&#039ve fought PWS a few times, with a little success. First, don&#039t use the frontpage 98 PWS. It&#039s different and wierd. Even though you can install ASP from the cd, it acts strange. Get the version from the NT Option Pack (which will install with 95 as well- go figure). If you have a "Publish" icon, that&#039s the right one. I don&#039t know about Win98. Secondly, I had an NT Box lock up like you describe because it didn&#039t have the correct ODBC (database drivers). I&#039m afraid I don&#039t remember where I downloaded them from, but I know it was on Try searching there for Microsoft Data Access Components.<BR><BR>hope that helps,<BR>Daniel Root

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