Quick question.<BR><BR>I have been trying to accomplish omitting the "=" when using forms, but<BR>have<BR>been unsuccessful. The reason I need to omit it is due to a mailing list<BR>I<BR>am attempting to setup. The problem is it needs a specific syntax (i.e.<BR>SUBSCRIBE Mail-List email@domain.com). In using forms the closest I can<BR>get<BR>is : SUBSCRIBE Mail-List=email@domain.com.<BR><BR>Do you know anyway to remove the "="?? Unfortunately, we don&#039t support<BR>Perl<BR>here or I would use a simple .pl script.<BR><BR>If you could maybe point me in the right direction, that would be<BR>extremely<BR>appreciated!!!<BR><BR>Please email any responses to ds5494@pacbell.com<BR><BR>Thanks again!!