Simple Deployment? Doesn't seem to work.

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Thread: Simple Deployment? Doesn't seem to work.

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    Adam Sills Guest

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    ala microsoft<BR>"The .NET Framework simplifies deployment by making zero-impact install and XCOPY deployment of applications feasible. Because all requests are resolved first to the private application directory, simply copying an application’s directory files to disk is all that is needed to run the application. No registration is required."<BR><BR>I have taken this for granted, until recently I&#039;ve tried to take my assemblies to other machines. According to the above statement, I should be able to simple copy everything over and voila it will work. Well I&#039;m making a web app, and I&#039;ve copied over the referenced .dll assemblies, and all the aspx pages in an attempt to share what I&#039;ve written with someone. What happens is it can&#039;t find the assembly and comes back with a parser error explaining that my class and namespace are not found.<BR><BR>Has anyone else experienced this? MS says that this copy and you&#039;re done deployment is perfect for web apps, but I can&#039;t seem to get it to work.<BR><BR>Any help or information would be appreciated.

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    Adam Sills Guest

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    I&#039;ve figured it out. :) I&#039;m so used to ASP development and NOT using a specific application for each folder I create in WWWRoot. Anyway, in order for the ASPX file to find the assembly, you have to make sure your application folder is created as an APPLICATION in IIS5, then it&#039;ll look in the /bin of the current folder and find the assemblies.

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