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    - So sorry for reposting, but I posted yesturday and no one answered...... I have to make a decision quickly....<BR><BR>Hello, <BR>I am wondering I have a sql server DB and also have access to index server. Would it be better (less resources, faster, search more) to build a search engine using index server or sql server. Which one is more customizable? Using %like% staments using say an SP in sql sevrer of using index server?<BR>Thanks

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    I would guess that the reason you got no answer yesterday is that your question has no right answer.<BR><BR>Let me put in this way: In some cases, index server would make more sense, while in others, SQL Server would work better.<BR><BR>We don&#039;t know enough about what you wish to do to give an answer, and perhaps you don&#039;t know enough about it, either.<BR><BR>If it is a bunch of unstructured content and you don&#039;t ever see yourself structuring it meaningfully, I would probably recommend Index server.<BR><BR>If it is structured data, or you intend to move to a more structured model, I would go with SQL Server.

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