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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default User Group Control via ASP (IIS 4)

    Quick question: I know how to perform a logon (at least using Software Artisans&#039 File Manager). Using an ASP script which thinks it&#039s Administrator, does anybody know how (assuming it&#039s possible) to copy a known "domainusername" to a local group so we can have web-managed group permissions on a set of files?<BR><BR>That is to say, can I manage actual NT users from an ASP script, or do I have to go upstairs and abuse the server in person?<BR>

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    Michael Swanson Guest

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    If you&#039d like to manage user/group permission information from within ASP pages, you need to investigate ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface). At first glance, you&#039d think it would only work with Windows 2000, but there is an excellent NT 4 component. You can find out all you&#039d like to know at Microsoft&#039s MSDN site or in Wrox&#039 excellent ADSI ASP book.<BR><BR>Michael Swanson, MCSE, MCP+Internet<BR>Webmaster<BR>Donnelly Corporation<BR>

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default ADSI acquired; Thanks!

    Thanks Michael.<BR><BR>For anybody interested, URL to download page is<BR><BR>Documentation in MSDN library (<BR>is under Platform SDK -&#062; Networking and Directory Services -&#062; Active Directory, ADSI and Directory Services<BR><BR>Cheers!<BR><BR>

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