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    I have a form with a set of radio buttons and a drop down box.<BR>The user is allowed to click any one of the radio buttons and an option fron the drop down box. Now the question is, I would like to have him verify the data he has chosen and provide him with one chance of modifying and then asking him to submit to confirm the order.<BR>Could you please let me know which will be the best possible way to get this thing done.<BR>These are my conditions:<BR>1. Once he choses data and presses submit, it should pop up a mesage "Please verify data" and display the same page of data entry. <BR>2. He should be able to modify and submit. Thats it.<BR><BR>Thank you for any help in advance.<BR><BR>

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    I would suggest you to use javascript to show up a message box and perform what actions you want to do.

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