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    Danny Diaz Guest

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    I am writing a web application. This application will handle multiple requests at the same time. Foe example user A can view a baseball team roster will User B view player stats. There can be about 50-100 user at any given time. This web site should be able to handle that kind of traffic. My question can I use Access for my back end. I know SQL is a more powerful DBMS by I do not have the money to purchase it. <BR><BR>So can Access handle the traffic.<BR><BR>Thank you for your time. <BR>D.Diaz<BR>

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    Brad Kingsley Guest

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    Access can handle quite a lot - except the one time when more than a couple of people try to execute a query at the same time.<BR><BR>There are quite a few hosting solutions that are afforable and allow for the use of SQL Server - you really should look into some before you deploy an application that will most likely have to be redone in the future (upgrade from Access to SQL Server)<BR><BR>~Brad Kingsley<BR>Reliable NT Hosting<BR>

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    Danilo Diaz Guest

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    Thanks for your help. My problem is that I do not own a copy of SQL Server. I know that I can get SQL hosting for a ggos price, but how do a design the back end if a do not own a copy of it.

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    Brad Kingsley Guest

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    Do you own Visual Studio 6? If so, how about the MSDE engine? Or you can develop the app in Access and deploy it to the server for QC testing/tweaking before going live.<BR><BR>~Brad Kingsley<BR>Reliable NT Hosting<BR><BR>

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