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    Stig Marthinsen Guest

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    Is there some standard in ways of naming the geographical areas inside a country, which will cover "all" countries ?? .. in USA I believe there is State and County... I don't know how the areas is named in England, Germany or France, but I guess they also have the same way in naming their geographical areas... but is there some common way, which will cover all these countries ??

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    Default database question? Oh well....

    As far as I know State, City, Country, and Province are the most common. I would suggest that you do some research though. Check out soem of the map sites like Rand McNally.<BR><BR>Good luck!

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    Stig Marthinsen Guest

    Default RE: database question? Oh well....

    Well, I thought it was database-related... ;-)<BR>Thanks anyways... :)<BR><BR>Stig

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