Im making a webshop - in which the stock is held in an access DB. It is integrated with Sage - and what I want to do is when a change is made in stock, for example a new product is added and another product name is amended - I want to be able to basically publish the changes NOT the whole DB because it is potentially quite big.<BR><BR>The stage that Im at right now is that I have taken the stock (only that has changed) out of Sage - put it in a temp DB and posted it to an update folder.<BR>My idea is that I could possibly kick off an ASP page that will take the stock from the temp DB and insert it into the full real DB <BR>Has anyone any ideas how I could trigger the ASP page when i upload the temp DB???<BR>Also has anyone got any script for taking details out of one DB and inserting them into another DB.<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance<BR><BR>GD - Ireland