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    Can anyone tell me how I can add together several time fields.<BR>I have a form that requires to user to enter the tim ethey spent doing differnet things into several fields. To help the user I want to be able to add these fields together. I have some code to add numbers together but I am not familar with Javascript at all to know how to add date/times together.<BR>[Code I am using incase it can be modified:]<BR><BR>Function totaltime() {<BR><BR>var vtime1=parsefloat ( document.myform.time1.value)<BR>var vtime2=parsefloat ( document.myform.time2.value)<BR><BR>document.myfor m.totaltime.value=vtime1+vtime2<BR><BR>Thankyou for any help.<BR>Paul M

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    try the JScript language reference, linked off to the left - you SHOULD know javascript (everyone on the web should)<BR><BR>j

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