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    Is the following definition of a collection applicable to a collection of an object in ASP?<BR><BR>collection: A collection is a group of data that are taken as a single unit.* The data or objects that make up a collection are known as its elements or items.* Some collections allow multiple instances of items, while other collections do not.*A collection that does not contain the same element more than once is called a set.* Collections may be either be ordered or unordered.* Items are placed in an ordered collection in a specified manner.* An ordered collection is also referred to as a list or<BR>sequence.<BR>

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    Default more or less.

    try checking the VBScript and JScript language references (links to the left) - they&#039;ll give you more info, since ASP is more of a context for languages to run in than a language of it&#039;s own<BR><BR>j

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    Sounds like a test question to me.

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