Using Xml according to the User??

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Thread: Using Xml according to the User??

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    Vinod Guest

    Default Using Xml according to the User??

    I have created an xml using dom and saved it on the server.<BR>now when a new user gets into out site, a xml will be overwritten... since I call the asp to generate it and so the user-preferences will change inevitably (since the xml is replaced and user preferences are in xml file) for the former users who will be browsing our site then..<BR><BR>Please Help...<BR>Thanx-in-advance.<BR>Vinod

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    Aliasgar Guest

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    Hi Vinod,<BR><BR>Using the same XMLDOM object u can check whether that user has been here or not before(based on his XML-named file existing on the Server). For e.g., if a new user called "Vinod" visits your site and fills up the form, at the click of the Submit button u create an XML file, like this vinod.xml ...and so the next time he visits the site u check whether this filename is existing on the SERVER or not. If it does not, means he&#039;s a NEW user and if it does exist, then u open the same XML original XML file and do whatever u want with it...modify, add, delete.<BR><BR>Hope this works for u. <BR>Happy XML programming!!!<BR><BR>Ali.

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