apart from WHS, there is any other component ....

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Thread: apart from WHS, there is any other component ....

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    chandu Guest

    Default apart from WHS, there is any other component ....

    Hi to run asp code on certain time basis(schedule basis).we r using windows scripting host.Apart from this,if you find any other component or any other method to run asp code at certain time or time intervals..please suggest...<BR>Thank you..

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    Default Use an executable?

    You could create an executable file through VB or VC if you wanted to, and have it accomplish whatever task you needed done. For example, if your ASP page updated a database, you could create a stand-alone VB app that did this, make an EXE, and then use the Scheduler to have it run every so often...<BR><BR>Why aren&#039;t you wanting to use WSH?

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    chandu Guest

    Default RE: Use an executable?

    B&#039;coz, i&#039;m new to WSH. I don&#039;t have proper documentation.Hense i&#039;m reluctant to do that.If you have any doc or examples, kindly pass it to me.<BR>Thank you very much Scott for ur response.<BR>My email address is..srichand@bis-icg.com<BR>Thnaks once again..

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