When using the ODBC driver to connect to an Excel File ( my only option, this is not a permanent DB, just an Excel import ), it uses the default 8 "Rows to Scan" to find the datatype for the column. This unfortunately causes problems when on the 200th line you may have an alphanumeric ID number instead of a standard numeric ID. It then will report the value in that field as NULL because it doesn&#039;t match the datatype it &#039;thinks&#039; the field has. <BR><BR>I cannot expect them to format the cells as text BEFORE entering the data because these files may be created from .csv files. Formatting the columns after entering the data doesn&#039;t work for some reason either. Is there any way to get around this problem ? I am connecting to the Excel file via a DSNless ADODB connection, and am accessing the values using;<BR><BR>rsExcel.Fields(i).Value<BR><BR>Thank s in advance for any help.