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Thread: Excel reporting NULL when value present

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    tla Guest

    Default Excel reporting NULL when value present

    I know it&#039;s not a real DB. Excel is the preferred file type for a number of clients, and I want to import the data via a COM object in VB. Everything is going great except that lets say a column has the first 200 values as 1, ( the number one ) and the second to last has the value ONE, ( spelled out, ie a string ), and the 202cnd value is again 1. The ONE is reported as null when using;<BR><BR>rsExcel.Fields(i).Value<BR><BR>Any way of actually getting that "ONE" out of the file? _I_ want to validate the data in the COM object, not have Excel decide that because the first 200 values are an integer that they all have to be. And yes, if I make the first 200 ONE, 201 to 1, and 202 back to ONE, the opposite happens. 1 gets reported as null instead.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance to anyone with an answer!

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    tla Guest

    Default as a side note

    When doing rsExcel.Fields(i).Type, it returns it as either a VarChar or a Double depending on how I have each column dominated. How does Excel make that determination? Irritating to say the least. =)<BR><BR>

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    tla Guest

    Default The problem is with "rows to scan", please help

    Anyone know of a workaround for this ? the rows to scan even being at 16 isn&#039;t high enough to recognize the data has to be of a mixed numeric "string" value. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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