On my Windows 2000 machine I created an ASP file on the web server (my PC is my web server and my browser) and then tried to view it in my browser. I did all the steps and then typed in the url to see the results of the exercise and it didn&#039;t work. It looks like it is going to the page but it never gets there, it just times out. The exercise before that one had me go to the URL http://noneoy47lh688w/localstart.asp to test if I was able to see pages that were pre-made (included with the server in the original software). When my server was first loaded it showed me the correct page but then when I went to see the ASP page I created by going to http://noneoy47lh688w/BegASP/punctual.asp it didn&#039;t manage to get the page to load and when I went back to the first URL I mentioned it wouldn&#039;t even show that page (even though it did previously). One thing - in the URL I put the server name to be the same as the computer name because that is what a book of mine says to do. Do you know how to check to make sure the server is really named that? Maybe it got called something different somehow (although I don&#039;t really think so). Could anyone tell me why I might be having trouble? I have one clue. My book says that if you get the page saying "The page cannot be displayed" (which I did) then it means that your Web services are not switched on. It says to switch on Web services I first need to start the IIS admin snap-in that I had. To<BR>do that I am to go to Start/Run/ then typeMMC and hit OK, them select Open from the MMC&#039;s console menu and locate the iis.msc file from the dialog. I then click on the + of the root node in the left pane of the snap-in, to reveal the "Default Sites" (a folder). Then I right-click on the "Default Web Site" folder and select Start. Well here&#039;s the kicker - it says that it is stopped and when I try to hit start it says something like "the address is already being used". Does anyone know what&#039;s happening, how I made this happen, and how to fix it? I really appreciate your help!<BR><BR>Heather<BR>