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    Julie R Guest

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    I can&#039;t get the web server to open .asp files.<BR><BR>The web server is running. Http:// opens default.html. When I try to run asp pages, it won&#039;t open them. <BR><BR>When I open an asp file such as the Product documentation it brings up the messsage that the Page cannot be displayed. (HTTP 500 internal server error.)<BR><BR>I have setup read and script permissions (not execute). <BR><BR>Anyone Help? <BR><BR>Julie R

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    Rob W Guest

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    I think I have the same problem as you - if it is and you are running PWS 1.0 you need another exe - asp.exe. I am currently looking for it !!! Will let you know if I can get it anywhere.<BR><BR>But I think there is a later version of PWS

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    Julie R Guest

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    I don&#039;t think it is version 1. It came with Win 98 version2 disk. I think version 1 only came with earlier versions of Frontpage. Maybe I have some files missing.

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    XenoCom Guest

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    PWS v4 came with 98se I think but you MUST click the EXECUTE icluding scripts tick box for ASP pages cause they are class as executables....

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    Julie R Guest

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    Execute doesn&#039;t work.<BR><BR>I tried it on another computer with my version of Windows &#039;98 and it works fine.<BR><BR>Maybe I have some files missing and need to reformat my hard drive? (Reisinstalling over the top doesn&#039;t work)

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    Cinnamon Guest

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    I am having the same problem with IIS 5.0. I cannot figure out what piece I am missing, so if you find the solution let me know too. Thanks (

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