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    JeffMing Guest

    Default Restrict Non-US Web Site Access

    Can anyone tell me how can I automatically detect non-US access to the web site so I can restrict the site only to US access?

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Sorry

    Nope.<BR><BR>At best, you could list all the possible IPs of all the countries&#039; routers and the like, and match it up. Can you say gigabytes of coding?!?<BR><BR>The Internet is pretty big... too difficult to restrict by geography.

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    New ASP Guest

    Default Still very hard..

    Fake IP will make what you did fail.

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    Dec 1969

    Default RE: Still very hard..

    Fake IP? I think a lot of people misunderstand spoofing. If you do it, and you&#039;re not on the same subnet, making any sort of connection isn&#039;t going to work very well. Anyway, the short answer is no. You would need cooperation from people like and You can do this to some extent, though. For instance, the entire 202.x.x.x class A is non-US.

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    Default Stll not happening

    i might be accessing your site from istanbul using a server in the what??<BR><BR>

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    New ASP Guest

    Default RE: Still very hard..

    Like Ak said, if I am in Russian, but I use Fake IP, say 207.46.... visit your site. Please tell me what you will do?<BR><BR>Kick all visit out which come from microsoft ???

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