I&#039;m pretty new to HTML/ASP, so bear with me a little.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got an ASP page that displays an ad-hoc selection screen where they select options for the query. When the form is submitted I grab the posted data to run the query with a results.asp page. <BR><BR>results.asp uses server-side vbscript to access my MTS object run the query and return my own collection class of 100 objects. OK, no problem to this point.<BR><BR>Now I need to grab the next 100 records... OK, in results.asp I have a form where action=moreresults. When this form is submitted, it clears my current form from the screen.<BR><BR>How do I persist the current form so that when I go back to the server I can append more information to what is displayed???<BR><BR>thanx,<BR><BR>Troy Belcher<BR>