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    I have the following problem:<BR>On our site on each page we have images,if user click on some of the images he/she see bigger variant of the image and small images of the rest once.Usually everything works just fine,but sometimes at the next page(with bigger image)image which was chosen link to the some of the other imagers...<BR>Did anybody have this problem?<BR>Thank you.

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    You just can&#039;t get an answer to this today, huh?<BR><BR>Probably because no one knows what you&#039;re asking... why not show us some of your links? You say the next page shows a different image than you thought? Maybe the page is being read from the cache... but it&#039;s impossible to tell without looking at what you have.

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    You have now posted under the name Diane, Diana, and now Daina. You have never responded to the first post where I asked you to post your code. Perhaps when you figure out your name you can POST YOUR CODE so that we can try to help you.

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