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    i am currently evaluating the best way to put a SQL server on it internet. i am planning to put on SQL server on the outside of the firewall and one on the inside and replicate data from inside to out. is this the most popular way to accomplish this task. any input or suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.

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    Why replicate? I guess you have sensitive content on one server and want to post non-sensitive data on the other (on the Internet). How about giving people inside the firewall direct access to the SQL Server on the Internet? That avoids the replication issue.<BR><BR>If you have to replicate, you need to research to see what ports are going to need to be opened in the firewall and also how SQL Server will deal with the security issue of authenticating one server to the other.<BR><BR>~Brad Kingsley<BR>Reliable NT Hosting<BR><BR>

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