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Thread: COM, MTS and an AS-400

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    I have a VB COM that acceses a database on an AS-400 mainframe. When the COM is registered in MTS, it cant access it, when i remove it from MTS and register it using regsvr32, it works fine.<BR><BR>Any ideas why MTS is not letting it connect?

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    Could be a permissions issue - when you register an object under MTS in runs under a different user context than if it&#039;s registered normally.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Karin van Ettinger Guest

    Default RE: need SNA server

    It&#039;s not possible to use a MTS component to communicate with non-microsoft systems without other tools.<BR><BR>To communicate between MTS and AS-400 you&#039;ll need the SNA server.<BR>You&#039;ll find more information about this subject on the Microsoft Site. I&#039;ve downloaded once a MTS Reference Guide where it&#039;s all in. But I don&#039;t know the address where I&#039;ve downloaded it. It can&#039;t be to difficult to locate it.

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