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    I have a access database with a table called "links".<BR><BR>it has two columns "url" and "linkname".<BR>there is data already in the db.<BR>i have a html file with a drop down box in it.when the user selects one of the options,and clicks the submit button,the data is submitted to a asp file which connects to the database and displays the data from the db inside a textarea.<BR><BR>now what i want is that,when the user edits the textarea and clicks the edite button,i want to be able update the database can i do this?<BR><BR>the textarea data looks like this...<BR><BR>a.asp home<BR>b.asp first<BR>c.asp second<BR>d.asp third<BR><BR>--&#062;"update button here"<BR><BR>the first column is from the "url" column of the links table and the second column in the textarea is from the "linkname" column of the links table.<BR> how can i update both the "url" column and the "linkname" column at the same time even though the data was displayed in a textarea?is there any way i can do this?

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    Have another column called FooID<BR><BR>associate sa unique ID to each record...when you retrieve pass thes ID to the Update page and then you can update WHERE FooId = TheIDYouPassed

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