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    Aarynn Guest

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    I want to use CDOSYS to send email using ASP on Win 2000 server, but haven&#039;t been able to find any code examples/snippets for ASP, and I&#039;m not sure about the syntax.<BR><BR>Can you help?

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    Ed Guest

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    I&#039;ve never heard of CDOSYS... What about CDONTS?

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    kfgfdsg Guest

    Default RE: CDOSYS email problem<BR>this should help

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    Aarynn Guest

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    CDOSYS is different, and supposedly better than CDONTS. It has become available with Windows 2000 Server. The unfortunate thing is that the syntax and use is slightly different from CDONTS and that&#039;s where I&#039;m running into a stumbling block. I&#039;ve found some good code snippets in VB for it, but nothing that works in my ASP code. Again, I think its a matter of syntax...

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