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    pp Guest

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    Is there a way of using the "server side include" but pointing to a file on a local driver ... say using: &#060;!--#include file="" --&#062; in order to increase security?<BR><BR>Perhaps another way of doing this would be to use the Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") and request a file on a specific drive within the webserver machine (outside the website root).<BR><BR>However, I wonder if this is efficient or if it is a slow down in performance. I get alot of traffic (couple of million page views per day).<BR><BR>Or should I just use *.asp instead of *.inc on files that contain sensitive data (like usr/pwd&#039;s)???<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!!!<BR>-PP

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    James W Guest

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    Don&#039;t know about specifying a absolute path, I&#039;m pretty sure it has to be relative to the server. <BR>Using the FSO would be more resource intensive (slower) than an include.<BR>You shouldn&#039;t use .inc files as includes, ever, because these can be (potentially) downloaded & saved by a savvy user. If you use .asp, the include will attempt to execute whereas the .inc will ask to &#039;Save this file or open&#039;.<BR>

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