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    Barry Guest

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    hi,<BR> we have 271 tables each with a column that should be set to an identity but unfortunately are set to accepting nulls and not inserting an identity.<BR>These tables have loads of data in them including some rows that do have unique id&#039;s.<BR>Is there a way of adding the identity property to all the tables but retaining the existing data and id&#039;s<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Are you going to add the identity column to the unique ids? Or are you creating a new field with something like an autonumber?<BR><BR>Changing the current field value of NULL is pretty easy with a query. Post more on exactly what you&#039;re trying to do.

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    Barry Guest

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    There is already a column with UIDs in it but these are inserted manually and not autoincremented.<BR>We want to add the UID autoincrement to this existing column without destroying any of the existing values in the column.<BR>I can remove the NULL acceptance with the ALTER TABLE command but it complains if I use IDENTITY (1,1) along with it.

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