Hi<BR>been trying to crack this one all day <BR><BR>this query works fine in access ....<BR><BR>SELECT tblproject.id, tblproject.jobno, tblproject.proOp, tblproject.client, tblClients.Coname, tblproject.Projname, tblproject.BusCat, tblbusiness.buscatgy, tblproject.ProOpdate, tblemployee.empid, tblemployee.fname, tblproject.Projdes, tblproject.Val, tblproject.Startdt, tblproject.Enddt, tblproject.Prob, tblproject.Active1, tblemployee.sname, tblproject.archive<BR>FROM (tblbusiness INNER JOIN (tblClients INNER JOIN tblproject ON tblClients.Coid = tblproject.client) ON tblbusiness.catid = tblproject.BusCat) INNER JOIN tblemployee ON tblproject.empid = tblemployee.empid;<BR><BR>but pasted into mySQL it doesnt like it .... it doesnt like the syntax on the inner join . any mysql experts out there ?<BR>head is done in on this one ...!<BR><BR>thanks<BR>