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    Hi,<BR>I been strugling to do this right but could not succeed. Somebody recommeded this site. Here I am looking for an answer.<BR>I am new programmer.My project is to make some asp pages for an educational website which was developed in the frontpage. As you know, frontpage takes care of everything. As soon as a question is posted to the forum, automatically it goes to the list server. The faculty who are involved in that forum gets that question by email. Now I have to do that in asp. I don&#039;t know how to set the MailTo: Can somebody help me please?<BR><BR>I had written like this:<BR>Dim strvar1, strvar2, EdMail, <BR>strvar1="M-EDUCATIONALSCIENCE-"<BR>strvar2=""<BR>EdMailTo= strvar1 & ForumName & var2<BR>But I found out that the list server for Mathematics & computerscience is M-EDUCATIONALSCIENCE-<BR>forum names are Mathematics & computerscience, Biology, Science & Enginerring, etc. So I can not make MailTo= strvar1 & ForumName & strvar2.<BR>I am desperate to find an answer for this. <BR>Please somebody help me!!!!!!!!

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    Have you done any R&D on CDONTS?

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    Yes. I have done a lot of R&D on CDONTS. But no luck any where.<BR>I know how to CC or send it to multiple receipients. How can assign the forum name with the correspondent list server address?<BR>That to those names are not matching.<BR>Anyway, thanks.<BR>

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