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    HI!<BR><BR>Any of you has managed to make a real push server? I mean, not a page with a command for explorer to check it every a period of time. But a connection which is keep alive and where the server and the client can send info at any time.

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Yes. But it is a custom server, not an add-on or script for IIS.

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    MS,<BR><BR>I have often thought about one,<BR>in just a couple of words, could you describe what you did.<BR><BR>Always been curious, but I haven&#039;t sat down to code one yet.(if ever)<BR><BR>Appreciate it.

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Using off-the-shelf components, you can build a simple server that will allow bi-directional communication between client and server, with either one invoking the request. This is similar in concept to Napster, Scour, etc. In my case, it was for a custom system that involved project management with real-time feedback from multiple entities that were spread across the globe. I also used UDP instead of TCP and created a custom &#039;spread-aggregate&#039; algorithm that allowed for only packets that were lost to be retransmitted, which gave an approximately 25% improvement in speed.

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