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    Is one better then the other? Use less resources or anything like that. Or are basically the exact same just different ways?<BR>Thanks<BR><BR>GET WELL BILL

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    If you only have 1 thing to test always use an If statement. If you are testing for a number of conditions, a Select may be more efficient. When you use multiple If statements, they are ALL tested whereas with a Select, once a true condition is found, the rest of the tests are skipped.

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    OK, but what if you use IF and ELSEIF... shouldn&#039;t be the same?

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    genzo Guest

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    if the previous post was right then the select case would not bother to process other conditions if a case was found, but elseif&#039;s would carry on looking 4 other conditions.<BR><BR>i personally use select case if my elseif&#039;s go beyond about 3 0r 4 conditions, but only &#039;coz i find them easier to look at than loads of nested stuff

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