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    Ron Low Guest

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    My login system works flawlessly on PWS. I have a user database, and I set a session variable for the user login. <BR><BR>When I publish to my live IIS 4 server, note that it can be accessed as either: <BR> <BR>or just the psuedonym <BR>Site/ <BR><BR>Apparently, the server decides on a whim between two machines to actually serve the pages from (trust me, I DON&#039;T know what I&#039;m talking about with servers). The fact that there are two names for the same web may not have anything to do with the two machines issue. <BR><BR>The pages on the two servers are identical, but the session variables do not persist between servers. My users have to keep logging in. For example, if they use a search form from the Site/ web, the links created by the search result are in the format, and clicking them seems to start a new session (in the same browser). <BR><BR>Where do you learn about this stuff? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Since a session is governed by a cookie, and a cookie is specific to a domain, you cannot have sessions that live between two different domains. Standardize on a domain reference and it will work just fine.

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    Ron Low Guest

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    Thanks! <BR><BR>So it sounds like switching to Cookies instead of Session variables wouldn&#039;t solve this, either. <BR>

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