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    I have written an HTML/ASP application using MS Access that runs locally on PC&#039;s using PWS. I now would like to create an "intranet version" that could be used over small intranets at customer sites. I realize that I&#039;ll need to run the app on NT/2000 using IIS - not a problem. With cost in mind, I would like to continue using Access as the back end DB. This would be a very low traffic app over the intranet - maybe 3 or 4 uses a day. My questions:<BR>What is the setup on the server for this app using Access?<BR>What version of ADODB is best - 2.1? 2.5?<BR>Any tips for optimizing the server to facilitate this setup?<BR><BR>If you wish to email me directly: day_10@iwon.com.<BR><BR>Thanks for all input!<BR><BR>Chip

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    First of all, If the app is as small as you say, you could run it on PWS if you wanted, you wouldn&#039;t necessarally need NT/2K... but if you wanted to run it on those platforms you could. The setup (assuming IIS is revved up and ready to go) is the same as with PWS unless the NT/2K box has NTFS partitions, in wich case all you should need to do is go into the permissions of the database and set the Luser account (I_User_MachineName) to have read and write access to the database. By default (If I remember correctly) all files in the wwwroot directory have execute script rights, so there shouldn&#039;t be much to it...<BR><BR>When you are designing your app you may want to make it portable (i.e. use the Server.MapPath variable instead of the full path to the database)<BR><BR>As far as ADODB versions, they both suck IMHO so I switched to SQL Server on all my apps. But then cost is not an issue with my apps... Anyone else out there have any preferences on this?

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