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    Hala Refaat (Ms) Guest

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    Dear Sir<BR>&#062;<BR>&#062;I wounder if you can help me with this situatin <BR>&#062;I have this combination :<BR>&#062;-Access 97<BR>&#062;- IIS4<BR>&#062;- ASP<BR>&#062;- IEe or IE5 or netscape<BR>&#062;I am trying to make the database web enables , every time i try to browse the asp page in IE <BR>&#062;Either i get a box in a blank page or i get a message saying that cant display page<BR>&#062;I have permission - virtual dir - all of this I have ben thru several times -<BR>&#062;Can you advise me what to do ?<BR>&#062;Thanks<BR>&#062;Hala Refaat (Mrs)<BR>hala_refaat@mailcity.com<BR>

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    Grif Guest

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    I have had to set my security in IE lower. Make sure you run your asp pages through the special asp directory.

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