How do I get my company site to use the theme and design elements of the banner I created on the bottom of ? I can get a groove on and create a banner like this, but how do I make the entire site like it? <BR><BR>I can visualize what I want ( I think ) but I am feeling a little bent fighting the browser wars for the last 6 years. I could use an IFrame here or Layers there or do the Layout at 100% or no wait set the table and td width&#039;s absolute.. Maybe I need to go back to school.. I was always taught frames were a no-no and now I find myself flunking tests at recruiter exams because of Frames questions (etc. ) because I never bothered to learn them.. Now I see really GOOD sites using frames. <BR><BR>Ironically I am feeling lately like I am deficient in ADVANCED HTML design. Which is rather funny considering I really thought I was fluent in HTML .. <BR><BR>Perhaps I am just tired from the frenzy of the last year and I need some new inspiration. <BR><BR>I think one thing is clear after the last couple months, I REALLY need more experience in laying out sites. My sites definitely lack the look of some of the new stuff coming out now, and my skills seem to be dated 1 to 2 years. Maybe that is because for the last 1-2 years I have focused on programming in VBScript/ASP at the expense of Web Site Design! :) <BR><BR>Can anyone recommend a direction for me? I have read almost all of "Designing Web Usability" Jakob Nielsen. And been doing BASIC HTML for almost 6 years now. I always thought I did not need to buy more books on designing web sites, " Ah I know how to do that stuff, I would say.." But when the dirt hits the pavement and I am needing to get a site up fast ( new idea, new client etc. ) I have a 3 cylinder engine when I NEED a V8!! LOL <BR><BR>Why am I not better by now? How can I get better in 2 weeks? <BR><BR>Thanks for listening! <BR><BR>Daniel <BR><BR>