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Thread: IIS3 and IIS4 differences

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    Tony Cimorelli Guest

    Default IIS3 and IIS4 differences

    I have an NT40_SP5 IIS3, MDAC1.5 box running fine with many ASPs.<BR>I am building an NT40_SP5 IIS4 box, and when I copy the ASPs over, many get the errors, such as:<BR> adodb.recordset error &#039 800a0cb3&#039 using rs.nextrecordset. (I page 10 records at a time).<BR>I have not loaded the MDAC2.1 on the SP4 CD.<BR>Microsoft has a note on their KB (Q202433)<BR>http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q202/4/33.asp<BR>It states not to use the NextRecordset method with Microsoft Access drivers, but it did work fine under IIS3.<BR><BR>Does Option Pack 4 install new ODBC drivers that don&#039t work?<BR>I plan on installing SQL7 next and wonder what drivers it installs.<BR><BR>Does anyone have a workaround alternative to recoding?<BR>Thanks...<BR><BR>

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    don&#039t know if this helps.. but when I first upgraded to IIS 4 none of my ASP pages worked until I installed SP4. I haven&#039t installed 5 yet

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    Tony Cimorelli Guest

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    I had SP4 on first, and then all the post-SP4 hotfixes.<BR>Tried SP5 and the post-SP5 hotfixes.<BR>I&#039m surprised more folks haven&#039t experienced this.<BR>I can replicate the errors on multiple machines.<BR>I think I grabbed the initial code from one of the WROX books.<BR>Code worked great and fast.

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