form posts to its self but request.form empty ?

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Thread: form posts to its self but request.form empty ?

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    Dorje McKinnon Guest

    Default form posts to its self but request.form empty ?

    AsP page displays a form.<BR>The form posts to the same asp page.<BR>The request.form and request.QueryString are unfortunately empty when the form posts to the page.<BR>I need that information to carry out the final part of the processing on the page.<BR><BR>Code for form<BR>&#060;form name="CCTRANSACTION" method="post" action="/process.asp?ToDoNext=SUBSCRIBE"&#062;<BR><BR>CODE AT TOP OF ASP PAGE<BR><BR>&#060;% @Language = "VBScript" %&#062;<BR>&#060;% <BR>Option Explicit<BR><BR>Response.Buffer = true<BR><BR>Response.Expires = -1441<BR><BR>response.write(request.querystring("To DoNext"))<BR><BR>The result is a blank page ????<BR><BR>I know I&#039;m doing something silly but it&#039;s 1am here in NZ, so I&#039;m off to bed<BR><BR>Thanks for your help<BR><BR><BR>Dorje

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    NPKumar Guest

    Default RE: form posts to its self but request.form empty

    Set the action as process.asp?st=1&ToDoNext=SUBSCRIBE<BR>and then use the following code.<BR><BR>&#060;% <BR> Option Explicit<BR><BR> Response.Buffer = true<BR><BR> Response.Expires = -1441<BR><BR>if(request.querystring("st")&#060;&#06 2;"" then response.write(request.querystring("ToDoNext"))<BR >end if

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    DorjeMcKinnon Guest

    Default NOT GOOD : request.form still empty

    Thanks NPKumar,<BR><BR>Still no luck - when I have the form submit to different page I still can&#039;t read the request.form or request.querystring<BR><BR>Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>Dorje<BR><BR>

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