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    Bygus Guest

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    I have two web sites on two different domains and need one to be able to access the others cookie info.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried using( on ) :<BR>response.cookies("Cookie_Name")="Stuff"<BR>re sponse.cookies("Cookie_Name").Domain="domainnameB. com"<BR>response.cookies("Cookie_Name").expires= date + 1<BR><BR>to achieve this but when I use the ".Domain=" line the cookie doesn&#039;t seem to get written at all. Is it possible to do this ? I&#039;ve seen many examples which would suggest that it is possible, but it&#039;s not happening for me at the moment.<BR><BR>Also, due to the nature of what I&#039;m doing I can&#039;t get around it by passing info in the querystring/form between the domains.<BR><BR>Please HELP !!!!

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    Sarah Lawfull Guest

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    I am having exactly the same problem - I will continue to search the net - if I come up with anything I will definetly get back to you.<BR><BR>Soz I couldn&#039;t help<BR><BR>Sarah

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