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    Steve D Guest

    Default Search on 3 Values

    I wish to search my database for three different values at once.<BR>example: Put in a date, and return everything from that date that matches a search string in a Category I have selected in a list box

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    So just add all the criteria to your query E.g.<BR><BR>Select * from MyTable Where TheDate &#062;= #" & Request.Form("TheDate") & "# And TheCategory=&#039;" & Request.Form("Category") & "&#039;"

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    Default RE: Search on 3 Values

    NO thts not the way

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default Why not ?

    What do you think is wrong with the way I showed?

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    Steve D Guest

    Default RE: Why not ?

    Hang on Edmund don&#039;t reply if you ain&#039;t got anything to say!<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE up_search_archive <BR>@value nvarchar(255) ,<BR>@date as nvarchar(255),<BR>@description as nvarchar(255)<BR><BR>AS<BR>select * from select_archive_search_V where date_DT &#062;= &#039;&#039; + @date + &#039;&#039; and value_V LIKE &#039;%&#039; + @value + &#039;%&#039; and description_V = @description<BR>order by description_v<BR><BR>Above is the stored Proc I have already running, I am calling this through a VB component and then into ASP. It is when it gets to ASP where I have the trouble. I am posting the form to itself and using request.form to return the values but nothing happens.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default Sorry can't help with SP's. Try db Foru


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