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    shincan Guest

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    Can someone help me to solve this question?<BR><BR>1. How do I connect to mutiple database?<BR><BR>2. Can I set different level restrictions in one page connecting database?<BR><BR>Thank you very much

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    Al Bear Guest

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    Too connect to more than one db just open more than one connections that simple.. <BR><BR>and when using your record sets state which connection they are using. <BR><BR>Not sure what you mean by diffrent restictions?? you can set the locking per session?? forward chainingg or total lock is that what you mean??

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    shincan Guest

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    thanks...wat i meant was set different level of login from different type of user...example:<BR>-x is superuser- he can update everything in databases<BR>-y is user1 - he can update only few fields of databases<BR>-z is user2 - he also can update certain fields of databases different from user1...<BR>i hope u r clear with my explaination...<BR>thanks for your help...i truly appreciate that...<BR> <BR><BR><BR>

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