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    sri.. Guest

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    Hi friends,<BR>let me explain my problem..<BR>i&#039;m generating one unique number and updating the same using secheduler and stored procedure in sql server..ofcourse the technology is asp..<BR>Now what i want is..after updating the table, i want to send a mail to the correspond email address with all details..dynamically.i.e. with out any user interaction..<BR>any suggestions..all are welcomed..<BR>thanks..

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    kishore Guest

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    Use CDONTS for mailing. I think nothing more to say.

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    NPKumar Guest

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    Use the following code after Update.<BR><BR>Dim oMail<BR>set oMail=server.createobject("CDONTS.NEWMAIL")<BR>oMa il.to=xxxx<BR>oMail.from=xxxx<BR>oMail.body=xxxx<B R>oMail.subject=xxxx<BR>oMail.send<BR>set oMail=nothing<BR><BR>For this to work SMTP service in IIS server should be switched on.

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    Dear friends,<BR> I think you can&#039;t get my question.After updating table we can write The code in asp pages..But i&#039;m updating the table with a trigger which fires on certain time intervals.It is totally back end process.So how can i send the mail from front end with out any user interaction..<BR> Simply i want to know how we can run a certain peace of asp code on certain time for eg.10.00 A.M. with out any user interaction..<BR>Thanks in advance..

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    hi sri.., <BR>Actually we are also planning to use scheduler in our application. We &#039;ve created .vbs extension file as explained in 4 guys from rolla site (article : "Autmatically using WSH"). However, if we schedule the task for windows task scheduler to run that file after a certain time, it gives an error that the scheduled task did not start at that time instant.Can u please focus on as to how u&#039;ve maintained the scheduler ??<BR>Thanks and regards !! <BR>

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